Inspiration and Passion

When I get a little bit sad about my life (it happens more often than I let on), I turn to quotes, books and people – the inspirational ones. I love my tumblr for this but I rarely keep up with the bazillion tumbles that people tumble so I do it when I can.

I was feeling a bit down yesterday so I decided to flip through a friend’s blog. I got the chance to meet Kim Kelly (@KimKellyMD on Twitter) last year through our mutual friend Bridget, who is inspirational in her own financial way. Can I just say that from the first time I met Kim, I was in awe? First of all, she’s one of the rare “normal” medical doctors who’s down-to-earth (did I mention that’s rare?), has great kids, an adoring husband, a genuine love for her friends and a zest for life. Although I met her in unfortunate circumstances, Kim had such great wisdom and wise words, it felt like she’s the big sister I never had. I only wish I had met her earlier in life.

That was a major, yet truthful, digression. What I *wanted* to say was that I read her post on passion yesterday (the blog’s name – Entropy is Inevitable – is so cool I wish I came up with it myself). Kim says her passion is life, but I’d argue her job is also one of her passions… I see it in her tweets ;) In said post, she referred to a book by Ken Robinson titled, “The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything.” Although I think I might have found my passion in life, I’m not sure. I think I’m placing far too much hope on what I think is my passion. I went out and bought the book today, so I’ll tell you how it is.

I think I’m heading onto a journey of self-discovery. I can feel it. If I could pick up my life and move to India right now to “find myself”, I would. Instead, I’m going to read books and pretend I’m a monk that meditates. Actually, I might end up being one… I joined a meditation class that starts in a couple of weeks. London, what are you doing to me?!

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