The journey across the pond

I probably should have done a little more research on foot tattoos. I so badly wanted one before I left for England, that I ended up getting it on Tuesday night… 2 days before one of my flights (JN Customs is awesome btw. Look him up if you need a personable tattoo artist). It’s recommended that a person take a few days/a week off of work and anything that involves movement. The reason? There is a loooooot of swelling involved. So much so that it’s nearly impossible to bend the foot a day after the inking. They say being inked with needles isn’t as bad as the recovery period. And when did I find all this information out? On the ride down to Calgary, when my foot looked like this:

For the record, I have very skinny ankles. Can you see an ankle bone in either of those pictures? I didn’t think so. Not only could I not bend my foot at the ankle (nor at my toes), but it hurt to walk. This wouldn’t normally be a problem for me because back home, I could take the bus and LRT most places and rest my foot at work. But in London? Well, I think I’ve done more walking in the last 3 days than I did all last month.

Visiting DD and her hubby in Calgary was great. We didn’t get too long to spend with each other, but I always appreciate the catch up. I took a stupidly early flight from Calgary to Toronto (never making that mistake again) and was forced to pay $78 in overweight fees. The lady at the Air Canada booth was horrible and wouldn’t let me through, despite my 4 kg on a DOMESTIC flight. So frustrating!

I’m happy to say that I finally had a chance to see Marley’s new home (and meet her boyfriend) in Toronto. I didn’t do much sightseeing other than the Ukrainian Festival, but relaxed and had a fantastic time getting caught up on her life. Oh… I was really mesmerized by the diagonal crosswalks that Toronto has. I guess there’s enough pedestrians to stop traffic in all directions and let people cross the road whichever way they want!

I’d say the flight from Toronto to London was uneventful but that would be a lie… I met AS and PH and we ended up drinking prior to boarding. They were off to Manchester but we parted ways by making our friendships official… on Facebook. Ha. The redeye flight was a good choice; I boarded at 12am EST and landed at 12pm BST slept for most of the way. I ended up wearing 3 pairs of pants, 4 tank tops, 2 shirts, 2 long sleeve sweaters, a cardigan, a blazer and a jacket, so my minor heat flashes kept me up. All the sweat was worth the effort… I managed to stay under the 25kg weight limit! I met a couple fellow students who decided to bring 2 or 3 suitcases each. One of them paid $400 CAD (!) for the extra bag and the other purchased an upgrade in seats for some $300, just to be able to take an additional suitcase.

Not only did I save myself a few hundred dollars in luggage fees, but I could carry my own suitcase (and backpack and purse). This meant I could take the tube from the airport all the way to central London for £5. Yes, it took nearly two hours, but I was able to avoid the £92 taxi fee. Yikes!

Why did I only bring one suitcase for a whole year? Well, saving all the fees was a bonus, but I really like to shop. And since London was recently named the fashion capital of the world, what better place to shop and get a new wardrobe?! I can’t stick out like a tourist if I’m living here for a year either, can I? I think I hear Top Shop calling my name…

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