I’m a published author! (and my app challenge status)

My app challenge has fallen by the wayside. That’s not to say I’ve abandoned it, but I’m a bit disappointed it’s a ridiculously tough challenge with the upgrade to Xcode 5 (from 4.whatever). I’ve started a few tutorials, only to find I couldn’t finish them. Most frustrating.

I’m behind on a few posts because I attended Startup Weekend Calgary Women’s Edition this past weekend and it was a blast. I jumped at the opportunity to be Startup Calgary’s voice on Techvibes because… why not!?

Here’s my first Techvibes post (of many to come, I’m sure). I’ll expand further on my three lessons in a future blogpost.

And to think, I tried for so many years in the academic world to get something published, when all I had to do was know the right people.

This is a world I can live in.

Day 7: Simple Animation

Despite what I thought, creating an animation is not overly difficult. All you need is a series of images to animate (and this AppCoda tutorial). UIImageView animates it automatically!

The code that’s used:

The explanation:

1) Load images and save into array.

2) Create  UIImageView object and provide it with the image array as the value of animationImages.

3) The animationDuration property determines the frame rate (in the example below, it takes 0.5 seconds to cycle through 16 images).

4) The animationRepeatCount property sets the amount of times the cycle is repeated. If not set, it’ll repeat indefinitely.

5) I also added a slow motion animation, using this code:

The final animations are here: dancing-man.

I then tried to add a Start and Stop button for this animation but I couldn’t get it. I gave up after a couple hours of trying. Maybe I’ll try again next week.

Day 6: Row Selections and Pop Ups (More Table App Enhancements)

A few more things to add to the recipe book: a pop-up alert, a checkmark.

1) An alert that pops up when a recipe is selected.

Insert this code in the implementation file:

And boom:


2) A checkmark that appears after a row is selected.

These two lines of code can add an accessory (either a checkmark, a detail disclosure [DetailDisclosureButton] or a disclosure indicator [DetailButton]):


To unhighlight the row that you’ve selected (see how it remains grey when it’s selected?), add this simple code:

Just a few enhancements this time around.